Project Description

Rajendra Dhamala

Rajendra Dhamala joined Karnali Excursions in 2014 as our tour manager and senior trek leader. He was born in Jyamrung, a beautiful mountain village in Dhanding district, west of Kathmandu. He now lives with his family here in Kathmandu.

After completing his college studies in English literature, as well taking trekking guide training here in Kathmandu, Rajendra began working as a senior trek leader, and continued learning more about trekking with further training from Eco Trekking Workshop and Food Preparation and Control Training. He has spent time in the USA, where he also took a Safe Certification Training organized by the National Restaurant Association at Four Point Sheraton, Hyannis Resort, MA.

Rajendra’s passion for exploring the beauty of Nepal, as well as its culture, nature and wildlife is what brought him back to Nepal, where he continues to lead successful treks, birdwatching holidays, nature tours, cultural excursions and pilgrimage journeys in the Himalayas.