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We welcome you to abundant variations of natural beauty and diversified culture and traditions. We invite you to have the pleasure of Nepal’s alluring beauty with us from plain land to the high Himalayas.All our holiday packages are nature friendly and especially designed to ensure that the local people benefit as much as possible. We are always conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities. Nepal is the finest destination for trekkers with varied taste. The combination of an exclusive landscape incomparable in variety and beauty, cultural diversity, aesthetically built shrines, tranquility of the snow capped sparkling mountains, mildness and serenity of the lakes and valleys, an unrivaled collection of flora and fauna, ethnic groups dialects and diverse races makes visitors an ultimate destination to make their trek a memorable one.


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” Who to go with? According to regulations you cannot go [to Kailash] alone and shouldn’t anyway. Nowadays, every major and many of the minor travel agencies offer to get you to Kailash. But whom to choose? I talked to all travel agents in Kathmandu and picked the Karnali Excursions, a Sherpa co-operative. They have knowledgeable guides on both sides of the Nepal/Tibetan border and arranged the right trek, with the right Sherpas, on the right route, at the right time of the year. We reached the mountain in safety, they treated us very well, even pampered us along the way, and it was the trip of my life. ”

Karma Tensing Senghe , Buddhism Today

” With Karnali Excursions, we experienced an unforgettable three-week walking/touring trip through unique and scenic Tibet. From our arrival in Kathmandu, or travel in Tibet and return to Kathmandu, we were in capable, friendly and trustworthy hands. Hira provided us with a warm welcome and knowledge base while Badri guided us with his careful attention to detail throughout our travels. Karnali Excursion helped us to realize a trip of a lifetime.”

Andrea Chau and Jim Fisher, Canada- chaufish@inetax.com


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